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Have you ever held the dance of determined raindrops in your eyes?
Their elegance and their focus? 

Magical! Yet nothing compared to the dance of life in my Beloved’s eyes. The determination of which is nothing compared to the strength of her being. 



Have you ever breathed in the purity of words,as the pages of a dictionary flip? Have you known precision from the definitions they are pregnant with?

Has life ever made more sense to you because you knew exactly what to call it? Here, there is no precision of definition Here where my Beloved stands in the glory of God’s light, 

Washed with graciousness; defying understanding. 

And yet with her, life makes so much more sense. 


Have you…no wait, you haven’t. 

You have not known laughter until it is dangerously close. Close enough to cut your vulnerabilities open and cause you to bleed with unhinged honesty. 

Has love drained you before? Of your insecurities and the parts of you that never sing joyful melodies? 

Has it filled you anew with hope? Have you lived and realised that you haven’t? You have not lived until you have loved. 

My beloved taught me this in a single smile.

Image Credit: Hanspiere photography 


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