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New year post??? šŸ˜’šŸ˜’šŸ˜’

It’s two hours to new year and I’m still wondering what to write. Meanwhile people have written posts like crazy and done vlogs. Imma just go with the flow (ps: it took two and a half days to perfect this). 2016 was a year of ups and downs. A journey in every sense if the word. I’ve grown. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried more often than not. I’ve faked plenty smiles, I’ve had a few sincere ones in there too. I’ve met new people, made new friends, lived a little more, restored broken relationships, lost some but it’s all good. 

2016 was interesting in many ways. Where do I begin??? Ok so I took on a lot of hair projects. Lol. I did grey, I had a perm cut. I had bright red braids, purple braids, I lost my edges in the process, grew my edges and transitioned to natural hair. I even made my first wig. My hair is me. Everyone knows that me. And in as much as I made some bad hair investments I think on the whole I experimented with my hair way more than I could imagine. Hopefully 2017 will come along with motivation to up my hair game. Taking good care of my hair is a skill I have yet to acquire. 

Goodness this review thing is hard. Well what else, I entered law school and through the most miraculous way ever. I mean how could an average student like me tie in first place for the entrance exam??? That was the miracle of 2016. God really showed me that it wasn’t by my strength or anything. Simply by trusting in God and it’s a miracle I will forever be grateful to God for. And I started writing again. I missed writing. 2016 made me realise how important writing was to me. Writing is good for the soul. 
One of the key lessons 2016 taught me was not to trust easily. I got hurt so much and I realized that trust is not to be given freely. Some friends aren’t friends. But in all things God was there and even though I came close many times I never gave up on life. My experiences did make me better. They shaped me and made me stronger. So for all the people out there who hurt me, thank you too. 

Looking back there are a lot of things I would have done differently. One of those things would be to have taken my relationship with God a little more seriously. I let school get in the way of my minstry, one of the few things in my life that gives me joy. I wouldn’t have kissed that many frogs while searching for prince charming. Quite contrary though not like Mary, I would have waited. During the year I think I got so obsessed with finding a mate that I forgot God. I forgot to live. That’s one mistake I’m not repeating. So for 2017 I hope to God that I don’t forget the blessing in being single. 
 Another thing, I wouldn’t have been so concerned about what others would say. I’d live more, go out, experience life, make better memories. I’d write more. Sing more. Pray more. Worship more. Be happier. Learn new things. Have fun simply by being me. Sift through the many voices in my head telling me what to do. Do a thorough search and destroy for negative energy. 
I can’t possibly fit the whole of 2016 into a post 
But here’s what I learnt. Laugh more. Live hard. Serve God like you’re on your last breath. Love freely, trust none. Be yourself. Be happy. 

Happy new year and the Lord be with us all. 


Mamaa Paintsil. 


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