Woman for Sale

Each night I kneel by my bed
Lips moving, words unheard

I pray to God, a nuptial to bequeath

I seek Juno, a higher love to secure 

I sacrifice at the altar of Venus

A passion to be two but one

I call on Cupid, an arrow to draw, a dart to shoot 

I yearn for the affection of man

To be called wife

The ultimate goal for my kind
Rose petals for skin

Eyes that beguile, lips that invite

Helen reincarnate, Aphrodite in flesh

Surely, such beauty is deserving of mate

The cards have been read

The guilty must be found

The witch-hunt begins

The gods must be crazy

Beauty is named solitude’s nemesis

The search for husband continues 

Of little use is the strength I gird

Does not matter that the product of my mind is tribute to Artemis

Charm and wit, industry and tenacity

All useless to the single life I lead

A cause to be wed, happiness becomes second pursuit

A single life must of necessity mean grief

A redemption to be found in another frail as I

Forgetting the cross and veil

Day by day I lose a little more of me

I cook, I clean, I keep house

I give all of me, body and soul

A gold band, the grand prize 

My core and essence, lay I at his feet

Leaving behind my dreams, chasing the illusion that is him

It must not matter

It should not matter

The means do justify the end

Self actualisation can only be with him

To be without is failure society doesn’t forgive

I must seek this self actualisation

It’s pertinent that I be joined with one as one

And so I continue 

A sign so boldly written across my forehead

The command of the gods

Woman for sale


12 thoughts on “Woman for Sale

  1. If she’s indeed for sale, then I want to buy her . Lovely piece ,simple metaphors with succinct verses . Good job one the best I’ve read in a while.


  2. You are priceless. What can I do to win your heart rather than buy you. The treasures of this world put together cannot buy you. Priceless !!!!


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