Blues And What’s Not

I let you in and now its time I let you go

I guess I wanted you to stay a while

Truth is, I never thought to let you go

I never imagined you’d have to leave

I never braced myself for when you’d have to say goodbye

And now, I sit alone, tears falling, body heaving, silently crying within

Thinking on the good times we had, nostalgia game strong

I remember the smiles, and the fights too

The days when heaven smiled on us, young and in love

When we sang in hallways and danced in the rain

Days when we’d simply stare and smile, eyes bright like diamonds

Hearts giddy, heads light, bodies glowing head to toe

Days when we had no care, days through rose colored glasses

Days that now seem a millennia away

We stopped caring and I don’t know when or how

Woke up one day and we just weren’t anymore

Woke up one day and apart was the new us

Woke up one day we’d died and I barely made the funeral

Memories buried, hugs withheld, words unspoken

Barely even friends, merely strangers

Sad that we couldn’t make forever

Sadder still to say goodbye, knowing our time has come to an end

To save my sanity, I bow and say, ‘thanks for the ride’

Au revoir, mon cher…



9 thoughts on “Blues And What’s Not

  1. Hardest part of letting go is the memories,
    but they gradually fade over time . Great piece , something we all relate to . Good job Maa.


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