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It’s a silent war being bred,

The advent of legal genocide.

The media campaigns, public protests and grievances aired,

These and more have been swept aside,

The killers are on a free ride.

In a time so callous and inhumane

We Blacks, they want us to wane.

The Brexit caused the pound sterling to drop,

In Baton Rouge, Alton Sterling was popped.

Seven bullets in the back and the chest,

The father was quickly laid to rest.

In a setting reminiscent of the ’96 movie “Set it Off”

We reach for the champagne, but get only the pain.

I’m reaching for my license and registration,

You scream gun, oh look it is premeditated elimination.

Do I paint a stark image?

Not my fault, we’ve been robbed and winter is here.

History keeps repeating itself,

They shoot, we protest but the culprits get away

Cops get a paid leave for shooting…

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