In Common

You is me

You is the woman getting beat by her husband

Your body, shield and gladiator

Your children the protected


You is the woman holding down two jobs

Your children to feed

Your husband to leech

You worn out and weary

You is the woman crying for justice

Clothes torn, dreams ripped

Hymen broken by the hands of lasciviousness

He free, in search of another


You is the woman denied a job

Called the weaker sex

Ridiculed and scoffed at

In a world dominated with patriarchal hegemony


You is the woman told to forget she dreams

Told to settle than aspire

An addle patted fool

To think greatness lies within

You is the woman looking for love

Promises broken

Babies lost

Hearts mourning the ones let go

You is black, dark as the mother earth

You is ivory, with porcelain as skin

You is yellow, the sun in all its glory

You is tan, a fine mixture of coffee and milk

You is not a colour

You is not a class

You is not a race

You is me

You is we

You is us

Us is you


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