Poetry · Self Love

The Letter

Dear you,

I see you every day

I see your smiles

I see your laughter

I see your happiness

Like the 4th of July, ever so bright

And I wish that you could have that forever

Dear you,

I see your pain

I see the tears that remain

I see the hurt no one sees

I see the groans that lie behind the smiles

And I pray to God that you be fine in time

Dear you,

I know it’s hard sometimes

I know acceptance is all you crave

I know accepted is what you’re not

I know mockery and scorn is what you get

And I do say that out of darkness comes light

Dear you

I love you for being different

I love you for being you

I love you for your kind heart and thoughtfulness

I love you for your spontaneity and humour

And I hope you do too

Dear you, Yes you!

Not him, not her

Just you,

Keep being you

True acceptance can only come from within

Dear you

Hang in there

Just a little while

The rains will stop

The clouds disappear

The skies clear and the sun bright

Dear you

Loving you is hard

Loving you is crazy

Loving you is a journey

Loving you is every bit worth it

Sincerely yours,

The voices within.


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