About Me

Welcome to OhomSpeaks

Hey there, mighty sweet of you to check out OhomSpeaks

Can’t say for sure why I started this blog, but I do know it arose out of a need to express myself…See, for some of us, writing, well apart from music, is the best way to fully and truly express our thoughts…So go figure

Can’t promise not to be a believer, all my posts are likely to have some God or Christ factor in them…Don’t be offended

Can’t also promise not to be a music freak, so if I get wwwwaaaaaayyyy too passionante, allow me be…

HMMMMM, what else is there to say??? Oh yeah, I write pretty much the same way I talk, I think it helps me reach out, you know, makes the whole concept of communication more appealing…

So that’s it! It’s a wrap!

Until my next entry, stay blessed and before I forget, welcome to OhomSpeaks.


PS: All feedback welcome; this includes constructive criticism not negative vibes, either ways even if you give negative vibes, don’t worry, I won’t beat myself up over it..



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